No Doubt Angers Hothead Indians, Without “Looking Hot”

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Looking Hot– and not racist– isn’t easy, darling.

It can be pretty tiresome to be Gwen Stefani— people are always wanting your autograph, wondering if your baby daddy had a celebrity love child and having someone mistake a chick half your age for you.

Though nothing can compare to the annoyance that results from people thinking the product of all your hard work is nothing but a bunch of racist hogwash. Stefani’s band, No Doubt, released a particularly interesting music video for their single “Looking Hot” just last Friday, but it has been banished from the farthest corners of the ‘nets, along with your standard PR apology.

What’s not-so-standard about the apology is that No Doubt had attempted– and blatantly failed– to make a concession for their apparently racist hanky panky. The very institute they cite– the University of California– as helping them through “consultation” for the video– released an open letter of their own, denying the band had ever even dialed their number.

“We also want to make clear that, while No Doubt’s apology claimed to have consulted “Native American studies experts at the University of California,” to our knowledge, no such person from UCLA was consulted about the video prior to its release.”

It all makes for a very interesting, pow-wow deserving spectacle.

In the video, Stefani plays a kidnapped Indian princess in full-on Navajo-inspired garb whilst singing along to some particularly provocative lyrics.

“Do you think I’m looking hot?
Do you think this hits the spot?
How is this looking on me, looking on me?”

As the captors, played by two white male sheriffs complete with ten gallon hats drag her away, she writhes around on a  dirt floor, cooing “am I looking hot?” over and over. It’s a pretty routine music video in my opinion… except that *gasp* Stefani is blonde. And white. Heaven forbid!

My question is, how come tribal people didn’t get upset by MGMT’s music video for their “Electric Feel” single? Because they don’t have access to the internet like Native Americans do? What about the fact that one of the No Doubt band members is actually Indian? And finally, one word: Madonna (or at least what she used to be).

Last time I checked, her racist rants were still all over the ‘nets. I guess No Doubt just has more cyber-manners than the Material Girl.


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